Our very first Whiskey & Cigar fundraiser, in support of D’Arcy’s Animal Rescue Centre is in the books, and to say it was a huge success is actually an understatement.

The BNI Accelerators have held annual fundraising events since 2015, in efforts to raise money for our charity-member, D’Arcy’s ARC.  Those fundraisers have been in the form of ‘Bud Spud and Steaks’,  a couple of Pet Fashion Shows, two ‘Mothers Day with the Winnipeg Symphony’ and other, various efforts.

Each one has helped to raise some money for our favourite charity, but we continued our search for a more impactful event.

We think we found it!

In the spring we reached out to Robert Schellenberg of Thomas Hinds Tobacconist at 185 Carlton St.  We suggested a Whiskey & Cigar sampling event, and Robert was immediately on board.  With their help, we created a unique event where attendees could sample 12 different Whiskeys and Bourbons while enjoying a nice cigar.  Hors d’oeuvres were served, and raffles were held.

The first sitting at 5 pm was over half-full, and the sitting at 8 pm was completely sold out.   At 5 pm we raffled off a Texas Mickey of Jack Daniels, which had been donated by D’Arcy’s ARC for the occasion.  In addition, 50/50 tickets were sold as well, with an eventual pot of $335

At the 8 pm sitting, we held 3 raffles, with prizes donated by Rob White of Urban Topcoat Painting (Huge Dart Board),  a lifetime warrantied knife set by Cutco Knives, and an art collection donated by local artist  Kal Barteski.   In addition, 50/50 tickets were sold and the pot grew to a$600 prize.

In the end, feedback was great and we raised nearly $13,000 for D’Arcy’s ARC.

We are hoping to make this a yearly event, with some tweeks to the date of the event (perhaps earlier in the year)  as well as other minor adjustments.

If you were at this event, please leave your comments, suggestions or questions below?  We’d love to hear your feedback and ideas.

Thank you to our event Sponsors

Event Hosts:  The BNI Accelerators of Winnipeg

Cigar and Venue Sponsor:  Thomas Hinds Tobacconist

Glass Sponsor:   R.A Hughes Insurance

Tupperdor Sponsor:   Bo Kauffmann – REMAX

Liquor Sponsors:   Beam & Suntory

Event Supporters:    Aire-Serv HVAC,  Urban Topcoat Painting, Total Moving Winnipeg, Mike Schroeder of Mortgage Architects and CJ Harrison of Your Money Matters



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