I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that the internet is not a fad (you listening, CJ?)

So if you agree, and want to get some of the business that online marketing can generate, you need to get your online presence started.  But where and how?  Go on social media? Create a website?

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Show Notes:

Establishing an online presence

Blog vs Social Media

Thinking of establishing an online presence?

Lets start off with a cautionary tale;

A few years ago THE Google started its own social network, called GOOGLE PLUS

Enticed bloggers to write their blog posts right inside the platform.

Holy Grail of online marketing:  be found on google

People jumped on this chance.  One online guru even abandoned his own blog and advised people to get on G+.

Google did what google has done in the past….when they have a product thats not performing to expectations, they shut it down.

G+ now folded, and people had 6 months to remove all their posts.

Remember MySpace?  Who is to say if FB will be around forever?

Don’t build your home on rented land.

Real Estate refers to the LAND,  that’s whats most important.

The answer…..   publish a blog on a  platform you own.

Medium, Tumbler, Blogger……Wordpress.org… are all owned by someone else, and considered ‘rented land’.  They can shut you down, block access or simply go out of business.

Example of a better option is a wordpress blog on a server you have access to.  You’ll pay under 10 bucks a month to start.  But have the ability to grow.

Control how it looks, add plugins to change how it looks reads, improve user experience etc…

What do you write about?  It’s an important factor and we will discuss that in another episode.

Here are some of the links I promised.


Hostgator is a great place to start.

Another great option is BlueHost.

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