If you’re a member of a BNI Chapter, such as our BNI Accelerators for example, (or if you’ve ever visited a chapter) you’ll have probably realized that there is a lot of information and activity packed into a 90-minute meeting. To be honest though, the real work of networking does not happen in a weekly meeting: It happens during the week, in 1-2-1’s (where two members meet at one of their places of work), and Power Teams. What’s a Power Team? Here is our definition:


A group of businesses who serve the same client in a supportive (non-competing) manner



BNI has identified 5 main Power Teams:

Financial Services, Health Services, Business Services, Personal Services and Real Estate Services. An example of a Personal Services Power Team might be a

  • A Hair Salon
  • A Travel Agent
  • An Event Planner
  • A Photographer
  • A Florist
  • A Printer
  • A Caterer or Event Venue

We can immediately see the potential in this group. Imagine that, for example, the event planner is contacted by a couple who are looking to get married. That planner would be in a great position to recommend the services of everyone else in that Power Team. Doing so does NOT cost the event planner anything, in fact they would be offering ‘added value’ by becoming a one-stop shop for the prospective newlyweds.

Power Teams are the hidden magic in a BNI group

Group of workers people. Isolated on white background

Two of the many benefits of joining a BNI chapter are the fact that BNI understands the benefits of these power teams, AND in most cases, your potential power team is already there, waiting for you and ready to give you referrals. Here is what Dr. Ivan Meisner, the founder of BNI, has to say on the topic:


Power Team meetings might be held at neutral locations, or in one of the members places of business. They could run monthly, bi-monthly or as often as the team feels necessary. A possible agenda might include discussion on these topics:

  • What type of help can YOU offer to other members?
  • What can I do to help YOU?
  • What kind of customer are you looking for right now?
  • What other members would you like to see in our chapter or in this power team?

The power team might plan an event together, to showcase their services to the general public. The potential benefits of power team meetings are endless.

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