BNI groups in Winnipeg or any other cities are a great way to grow your business, generate more revenues and make new meaningful connections. BNI stands for Business Network International. It is a global organization with over 8,000 chapters worldwide, made up of over 200,000 individual business owner members.

In the city of Winnipeg, the BNI Accelerator group is the largest and most dynamic group with over 30 members.

Here are some of the most common questions asked about this great business networking organization

What is BNI networking group?

As mentioned, there are 8,000 chapters (groups) in the BNI network. Groups range in size from as few as 15 members to over 70 business members. All chapters (groups) follow the same BNI rules and principles, which include:
* Only 1 member per profession (no competition among group members)
* Weekly meetings to exchange referrals and ideas
* “Givers Gain” philosophy. You give me business, and I will naturally want to return the favour.

How to find a BNI group near you?

The most obvious method would be to ‘google’ the term ‘BNI Chapters in (your city). The search results will likely bring up a number of chapters, but more importantly, it will show the page of the district director.

Another method would be to go on social media and search for local BNI chapters and find results like this for the BNI Accelerators of Winnipeg.

bni group Winnipeg

Why Join a BNI group?

Nearly ANY type of business can benefit from word-of-mouth marketing. The simplest form of this is to ask your customers to ‘spread the word’ or ‘recommend me to your friends’.
Sometimes these customers will do so, but most often it will slip their mind. Wouldn’t it be great to have a way to systemize this cost-effective way of getting new business?
That’s what B.N.I. does. Each week you meet with the other chapter members, reminding each other to ‘spread the word’ and to recommend you to their friends, family and clients.

What are BNI group meetings?

BNI groups meet on a weekly basis. The meetings are, for simplicity sake, always held in the same place, at the same time of day and the same day of the week.
That way, all members can block off the 90-minute meeting in their schedule, as these BNI meetings represent perhaps the most important business meetings of the week.

How many people attend a BNI meeting?

Since all BNI chapter members are expected to attend each week (or be represented by a substitute of their choice) the number of attendees should be at least equal to the number of chapter members.
in addition, you will find visitors or guests in attendance as well. Visitors are MOST welcome, as they could become members, or at very least, become customers of some of the chapter business members.

What is the format of a BNI meeting?

Over the past 30 years, BNI (Business Network International) has developed a proprietary agenda. Thru extensive research and testing, they have created a 90-minute format which ensures that meetings are productive and much more than simple social gatherings.
The agenda includes time to network with each other, plus the following
* Time for all members to give an infomercial about themselves
* Exchanging of referrals and reports of business conducted and closed during the week
* 10 minute presentations by 1 or 2 members per week
* Sharing of business related tips and advice

How to join a BNI group in Winnipeg?

Keep in mind that each group only allows 1 member per profession. This is one of the core-benefits of BNI membership: Once you are a member of a BNI chapter, you will not have to compete against other members for business. You will be the ONLY representative in your business category.
So, the best way to find and join a BNI group is to ask the district director for information on any local chapters which have an opening in your category. (Category would be, for example, a roofer, a car dealer, a painter, a hair salon, etc).
Once you’ve found one or more local BNI chapters who have openings for your business, go visit them and check them out.

Does it cost anything to attend your first BNI Meeting?

Most BNI meetings are held in venues which charge for the use. the types of venues include restaurants, social halls, banquet halls and hotels, just to name a few. Most meetings also include a meal. Depending on the time of the meeting, this could be breakfast or lunch. So a meeting fee should be expected. In most cases, this will be under $20, but be sure to ask the chapter representative before attending.

Is joining a BNI group worth it?

Printed advertising works, but only if it’s repeated over a long period of time. The same goes for word-of-mouth marketing. It takes time to take effect. As an example, the real estate agent in our group, who has been a member for over 10 yrs, received 2 referrals in his first year in the BNI Accelerators.
Last year he received over a dozen. Yes, the system works, IF you work the system.
Get involved, don’t miss meetings, give referrals. In fact, here are 10 ways to maximize your membership benefits.

How many members does the BNI Accelerators chapter have?

The BNI Accelerators (of Winnipeg) are one of the longest standing chapters in the city. Over the past few years, they have also been the largest chapter in Winnipeg, exceeding 30 members on a regular basis.

Why is size important? It matters in two ways!

By having more members to GIVE you business, you will have a better chance to succeed quickly.
And by having more businesses to which YOU can make referrals, it makes it easier for you to meet your obligations of brining a referral to the group.

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